Dear Friends, 

With sadness, Everglades Fine Books will be closing at the end of August. I feel like a dinosaur as regards to the old book business. I think the adventure took place thirty years too late. Like Bob Dylan sang, "Things have changed". We are very grateful for all of the new friends we have made, nice people whom we would otherwise not have encountered. 

We will continue to try to sell nice books via the internet (along with all the other brick and mortar shops that have closed their doors). 

Please do continue to visit our website and send us an email if you are looking for a special book or have some interesting books you would like us to appraise. We will just be a phone call or email away. 

Keep in touch dear friends, 

Kindest regards, Brady & Jan

About Us


We handle fine books, documents, lithographs, and maps. We have perhaps the nicest collection of Florida titles ever presented in one location. The material has been carefully gathered and assembled over a twenty year period. 


We can assist the local community with services that include building and managing meaningful personal libraries, conducting successful book searches, writing authentic appraisals, taking in books on consignment, buying entire libraries, and connecting customers with Mister David Barry who is perhaps the most skilled and most reasonably priced book binder in Florida.


We want to help people to know more about Fort Myers, Lee County, and the state of Florida. Reading a book from 1899 and reaching for the style and the places is as close as we might get to traveling in time. We hope a great deal of satisfaction will be found in buying and owning first hand scholarly works about the Seminole Indians, or sailing in the Pacific ocean with William Bligh 

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. 

Also, you can call or email at to make an appointment for a consultation with Brady, the proprietor. 

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